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We help you connect with your customer in the most effective and exciting way possible

What we do

We work with the most unique brands in the lifestyle sectors to deliver effective and stunning visual media content to solve real business challenges. Whether you are just starting out or you’re already established, you know that communicating effectively online with potential clients is important. Using powerful and creative strategies to visually tell your story, we help you reach your customers in the most effective way possible. Our specialities include creative concept design, digital video production, visual content strategy, video SEO, and animation, to name a few.

Why we do it

In an age where choice is plentiful and attention spans limited, we believe that real business problems can only be solved through authentic creativity and real storytelling. Your customers aren’t just buying a product- they want to buy into a story, a lifestyle and a purpose. So we’ve set out to help you create something captivating that will resonate with your customers. It’s pretty simple – the more people you engage with, the more your brand grows.

How we do it

One Globe Studio takes the time to analyse your brand, your competition and most importantly your customers. Our highly skilled specialist team then create a bespoke solution, pairing the most innovative marketing principles and most engaging forms of visual media. For us, we believe in disruptive marketing, not maintenance marketing. So we might be a little unorthodox, but that’s because we’re not trying to make you look just like your competitors; We’re trying to make you better.

Bluefin Solutions
Galliard Homes
Reform Social & Grill

AnyTime Fitness
Just Digital

Ovolo Hotels


  • “What they came to us with was spot on for what we needed…They’ve brought us a final product which we are thrilled with and they even helped with how to distribute the content across social media.”

    Sheena Bhattessa, PR Director, Reform Social & Grill
  • “One Globe were the clear winner amongst several video agencies we asked. The team were extremely efficient throughout and produced a fantastic end product that has really helped us to raise brand awareness and increase sales.”

    Adam Weir-Rhodes, Owner, Anytime Fitness Chelmsford


Our visual media solutions solve real business challenges


It’s been scientifically proven that its 57% more effective in terms of conversion, to use an informative and exciting video to market your product. Convey your message in the most exciting and relevant way possible whilst differentiating yourself from your competitors and increasing your business exponentially using our bespoke, high definition videos.


If you have a start up or a new idea, animation is one of the most engaging ways to explain your exciting idea. Using this to showcase some of your USP’s or your brand values is captivating and memorable for every type of customer whether they are a up tight VC or a travelling pants wearing hipster.


Let’s take it up a notch. Videos are the most effective way of communicating with your customers, but what about if we make them personalised too? That basically supercharges your ability to connect with your community. So at the click of a button (after a lot of tech genius work), you can send a personalised video to each one of your customers immediately. Check out the demo below to see just how it works!



Great so you have the video content, but how should use it? We have helped numerous brands solidify their long term and short term goals with an innovative strategy which focuses on developing your brand presence whilst achieving the best ROI possible. There’s no point throwing money at content without understanding why you are doing it, so let us help you uncover your roadmap to success.


We all know what this means. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. But are you really using these channels effectively to build a community or are you just paying lip service? All of these platforms have been optimised for great video content from brands and they will actually help you connect with your best audience, but you have to put out the right video content. Let us help you create some short and effective content streams built to grow your community exponentially.


So you know you need video content… but what should you actually show? See here’s the thing, the word content is not a fancy word for “sales pitch in video format”. Ok, sometimes it can be, but for you to develop longevity and an actual fan base, you need to provide them with bitesize video content they actually care about. That’s everything from How to videos to candid “meet the team videos”. There’s still room for raw creativity here and that’s how we can help. Let’s work together to design a concept which not only meets your brand requirements, but engages your customer and is perfect for the medium of video.


Our Work

Bluefin Solutions – YouTube Channel Branding


Why Clients Choose Us

Return on Investment

Relentless Creativity

Video Marketing Specialists

Extreme Quality

Bespoke Animation

Custom Sound Design


% of all hospitality shoppers look for videos before buying


% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI


% increased click through rate when including an animated explainer video in an email


% of consumers say that product videos make them more confident in a purchase and less likely to return an item


times the chance of getting a page one listing on Google with video


% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video




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